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7 Most Banned and Dangerous Dogs Around In the World
Man’s best friend, his canine companion, what’s not to love about dogs!? They’re loyal, kind, and just so darn cute! Unfortunately, though, there are certain breeds that have been labeled (although many people would argue “mislabeled”) as “dangerous”, and some have even been banned in certain places. Let’s see who the top offenders are!

The Brazilian Mastiff 0:39
The Czechoslovakian Wolfdog 1:39
The Tosa Inu 2:35
The American Bulldog 3:36
The Pit Bull 4:31
The Rottweiler 5:46
The Canary Mastiff 6:45

What do you think is to blame for these violent incidents: these breeds’ nature or irresponsibility on the part of their owners? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!
2,003 views Jul 17, 2018

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